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,MONK In MOTIAN Crepuscule With Nellie – Justice (Evidence) – Ruby My Dear – Straight No Chaser – Epistrophy – Reflections Paul Motian-ds, Joe Lovano-ts, Bill Frisell-el.g., Dewey Redman-ts (Epistrophy); 1997-1999; Bamboo Records

ALLEN GINSBERG Poems as Music September On Jessore Road, intro II. + Intro IIII. - September On Jessore Road

JIMMY GIUFFRE + PAUL BLEY + STEVE SWALOW Conversations With A Goose – The Flock Is In – Echo Throught The Canyon – Cobra (část) Jimmy-cl,ss, Paul-p, Steve-el.b. 1993

ALLEN GINSBERG by Darrell Johnsson (The Prague Post, May 2008: Articul When Poetry Was King) Allen: King Of May / Kral Majales, 1965 + story CHARLES MINGUS BIG BAND Blues & Politics

ALLEN GINSBERG Put Down Your Cigarette Rag (Don´t Smoke)

POEZIE ROBINSON JEFFERS Záchrana – Stále ještě válku – Krása neumírá Recitují Miroslav Doležal, klavír Jan Kaláb Přeložil Kamil Bednář,šum moře z CD Big Sure Nahrávka je součástí knihy Básně z Jestřábí věže, 1964

JIMI HENDRIX Sgt.Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Burning Of The Midnight Lamp – Little Wing – Little Miss Lover – Catfish Blues – BoldLove – Sweet Angel – Fire – Somewhere – Eletric Ladyland – Gypsy Eyes – Room Full Of Mirrors – Gloria – It´s Too Bad – Star Spangled Banner; 1969


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(na přání reprízujeme)



Albert Ammons Boogie-Woogie Stomp – Pinetop Smith Pinetopś Boogie Woogie Pete Johnson & Joe Turner Roll´em Pete – Cow Cow Davenport Cow Cow Blues – Meade Lux Lewis Honkly Tonk Train Blues – Clarence Lofton & Red Nelson Streamline Train Jimmy Yancey Yancey Special – Clarence Williams Sugar Blues Big Maceo Texas Stomp Tampa Red Boogie Woogie Dance Romeo Nelson&Tampa Red Frankie Jaxon Head Rag Hop – Jimmy Blythe Boogie Woogie Blues - Pete Johnson Let´em Jump – Walter Roland Jookit Jookit – Speckled Red StLouis Stomp – Turner Parrish Fives – Albert Ammons Bass Goin´Crazy – Montana Taylor Indiana Avenue Stomp – Littele Brother Montgomerry Parrish Street Jive – James P.Johnson Harlem Chocolate Babies. Time



1923-1927 COMP. High Society Rag – Drop That Sack – Lonesome Blues – Perdido Street Blues – Gatemouth – Flat Foot – Can´t Say – Someday,Sweetheart – Memphis Shake – Ne Orleans Stomp amo.¨Baby Dodds-ds, Louis Armstrong-tp, Honore Dutrey-tb, Johnny Doddsd-cl, Lil Armstrong-p, St:John Cyr-bjo, Kid Ory-tb, Joe Clark-as, Baul Barbarin-ds, Barney Bigard-ts amo.



Roosvelt Sykes 44 Blues Big Maceo Kidman Blues Leroy CarrBarrel House Woman – Albert Ammons Boogie Woogie Blues – Meade Lux Lewis Lux´ Boogie – Albert Ammons&Pete Johnson Six Avenue Express – Pete Johnson Death Ray Boogie – Meade Lux Lewis Glendale Glide – Cow Cow Davenport Slim Gullion Stomp – Pinetop Smith Jump Steady Blues and many others



Langston Hughes (narrated)


Great names in jazz... American jazz … that began a hudnred years or more before any of these men were born... began in various ways, in various places... Folkways Records; The Smithsonian Institution. USA



Cow Cow Davenport – Meade Lux Lewis – Jimmy Blythe – Albert Ammons – John Oscar – Bob Zurke – Lionel Hampton- Little Brother Montgomery and many others players. Total time 56:41



Langston Hughes

...Thatś break... A break is a very brief syncopated interlude, usually of two to four bars, between musical phrases... the breaks are often improvised...

The Smithsonian Institution, 1954



1917-1921 Comp. Livery Stable Blues – Dixie Jass Band One Step – At The Jazz Band Ball – Ostrich Walk – Skelton Jungle – Tiger RagFidgety Feet – Clarinet Marmalade Blues -Crazy Blues amo.¨

Nick LaRocca-cor, Eddie Edwards-tb, Larry Shields-cl, Bennie Krueger-as, Russell Robinson-p, Tony Sbarbaro-ds boogie klavr detail.jpg - 10.48 Kb

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